Associated Reedy HV 30mm Aluminum Motor Fan ASC27457

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Associated Reedy HV 30mm Aluminum Motor Fan ASC27457

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High-voltage compatibility Lowering a motor's operating temperature improves efficiency and power output while extending its life. Reedy's HV Aluminum Motor Fans feature a CNC-machined housing for maximum durability. Silicone lead wires provide extra protection against heat. A handy 195mm extension is simple to install by plugging directly into your receiver where it operates off BEC voltage. Because they feature HV compatibility, they can also be soldered directly to ESC battery terminals when using 2S batteries to achieve maximum RPM and cooling. Installing in the vehicle is as easy as double-sided tape or fitting it to your favorite fan mount or heat sink.

Input Voltage: 6.0 - 8.4 RPM @8.4V: 28, 000 Dimensions (mm): 30x30x10 Weight (g): 19