Venom Racing 7.2v 4200mah nimh Stick Pack Universal System VNR1546

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Venom Racing 7.2v 4200mah nimh Stick Pack Universal System VNR1546

This is a Pre-Assembled 6 cell, 4200mAh Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Pack. NiMH Batteries Have A Different Chemistry Than NiCd Batteries So They Require Different Charging Methods (See COMMENTS).

Pre-assembled NiMH Sub-C size cells for use with 1/10 scale R/C vehicles Also great for electric airplane Offers 50%+ longer run times verses 2000mAh packs Great for endurance racing Higher average voltage means more power verses NiCd packs Ni-MH cells have no discharge memory so there is no need to deep discharge them by shorting out the cells. This damages the cells. No need to be recycled, NiMH cells are environmentally friendly Venom Universal Four Plug System allows connectivity between today's four most common battery plugs, Tamiya, Traxxas, Deans and EC3, simply attach desired plug to Venom Plug on battery's wire leads

One Assembled 6 cell, 4200mAh NiMH Battery Pack with Traxxas, Tamiya, Deans and EC3 Plugs

Charger: Having Negative DeltaV or Zero DeltaV Peaking capabilities Discharger: Having capabilities to properly discharge batteries

Charge Rate: 1A for extended life, 2A for improved performance 10-20 millivolts (.01 to .02V) Height: 0.96" (24.5mm) Width: 1.8" (47.1mm) Length: 5.4" (136.3mm) Weight: 11.2oz (317g) Maximum Cycles Per Day: Three, with a 1 to 2 hour rest period between cycles Dead Shorting: Not Recommended

Do Not dead short the cells after discharging or store them with a resistor across the pack. They do not need this and it damages the battery pack. Store cells with voltage in them. Use a digital voltmeter if your charger does not have one, to monitor the voltage. As soon as the voltage stops rising, the pack is charged. Do not let voltage drop like you would with NiCd cells. Charger MUST be able to adjust the negative peak charge rate. Heat or overcharging will deteriorate or damage NiMH cells. JAW 11/9/06 updt jxs 04/21/10&